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Rev. Phil Schlaefer
The Good News, According to Phil

It's about time! We've all heard this phrase often, usually in a tone of frustration.

This year, daylight savings time is set for March , very early compared to other years.  We are to set our clocks ahead one hour, thus gaining an hour of sunlight, as the theory goes. (more...)

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5 Basic Principles



The light of God surrounds you • The love of God enfolds you • The power of God protects you • The presence of God watches over you • Wherever you are, God is • And all is well!

Unity is a worldwide movement founded on prayer.

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Silent Unity Affirmations for March

   Inner Peace - I am strengthened by the peace of God within.
   Guidance - The spirit of God guides me home.
   Healing - I am one with Divine Life.
   Prosperity - I am living a prosperous life.
   World Peace - I am an ambassador of peace in the world.

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